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Niuversity is an innovative online educational institution that delivers education and skills in a creative method. We deliver online live classes where you can interact with your teacher and colleagues in real time. You will get assignments and receive professional feedback on your tasks and progress. Niuversity is neither pure online nor traditional education.

It is a new way for you to learn smart and with passion. Niuversity uses cutting edge technologies to ensure the best quality of its education that meets your personal needs best.

Niuversity teaches a wide range of professional skills that are needed by today’s labor market in addition to English, German, and Arabic.

Niuversity builds bridges between what the Arab youth have in terms of education and knowledge and what they need to become active global citizens and have their guaranteed place in the contemporary labor market. To achieve this goal, Niuversity teaches the professional skills that are needed in today’s market. These are skills that do not need an academic background, do not take long to learn, and can be used to work for companies around the world from the comfort of your living room. Each of niuversity courses has an entrepreneurial component that will guide and help you establish your small business. Click here to see our courses



Niuversity’s unique Approach

Niuversity differentiates between education as a system and learning as a process. It strongly believes in the power of self learning which includes the individual different ways in which people do learn. Education doesnt necessarily mean that learning takes place and that is why it has been undervalued in the Arab world because usually it doesnt produce good results. People are ready to invest in their education when they know it is valuable and brings them good results. Therefore, Niuversity designs its courses in a way that makes the learner at the center of the learning process and can learn according to her/his own way, pace, and preference. The main focus is on making the learning happens at all levels to insure the highest benefits of this learning. Once it takes place, learnings is transformed into a joyful activity and the learner becomes passionate about it. All this leads to the fact that learning does what it aims for. At Niuversity, learning aims to prepare you to be ready for the labour market of the 21st century.


In order to do this, Niuversity has developed its own approach for the delivery of its courses and the design of the learning process that caters for all learners.


Our Virtual Classes:

Our lessons are delivered through a virtual classroom format where all the learners and their teachers virtually meet at the same time with their computer or smart devices. The class will be online and live The learning environment is very much like the real classroom. Niuversity uses an interactive system that allows the instructor and the learners to easily interact with each other throughout the whole class. Learners can ask questions and get answers in real time. Each learner can also talk privately to the teacher and gets the answer privately when s/he wishes. According to the nature of the course and the desire of the learners, learners can all appear on the screen and can see each other. Otherwise, only the instructor appears for everyone. However, at any time during the class, any learner can click the “raise hand” button which tells the teacher that this specific learner would like to appear on the screen and say something to the whole class (it is like coming to the teacher table in a traditional classroom).

Each live classroom will be recorded, and the recording will be available in each learner’s account. Learners can watch the recording as much as they need to make sure they get the ideas. In case any learner has extra questions, s/he can always communicate with the instructor and get answers.


Learners will get assignments, according to the nature of the course, and get feedback for their performance. They will work on practical and applied assignments as well when applicable. They will do quizzes and tests and will receive certificates after attending and passing the course.







Newcomers program

According to European laws, newcomers and immigrants need to learn the language of the country they are staying in within the framework of their integration in the new society. They, on the other hand, would like to work as soon as possible. Most of them, however, lack the required skills and language proficiency to get their jobs or to start their own small businesses. Through its trainings and programs, Niuversity will shorten the integration period and help them become productive members of their societies.








To expand its professional offerings, Niuversity has partnered with Cisco Networking Academy and Pearson international to offer their courses on its platform.


Pearson Courses by Niuversity

Pearson Online English (POE) is a new innovative online course .................

Course Features:




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Cisco Courses by Niversity

Niversity is please to have partnered up with Cisco Networking Academy to offer a variety of high quality It Courses ..................................

The feature of the courses



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Our Target Group

Our main target group is the youth in the Arab world. We have discovered that one reason for the Arab crisis is the crisis of education in the Arab world. Our diligent market research discovered that Arab learners suffer from two main obstacles in the learning process: Language and the Need for Guidance.


  1.        Access to Education: the Arab societies are growing at a very high rate – more than 60% of the populations in the Arab world are younger than 25 years. While learning in face to face classrooms is probably the best environment to learn it is practically impossible for all young people in our target region to access such education. 
    That is why Niuversity offers courses which are accessible through the Internet.
  2.        Language: The assumption that Arabs do have a European Lingua Franca like English or French is as wide spread as it is wrong. Arabs feel most comfortable in their native language, which is Arabic in its local dialect or its literal form. Only a small minority of privileged Arabs can use English or French for a learning process. Thus all available information are not easily accessible for Arabs who want to learn modern skills, since usually the language which is used in the world wide web is English.
    Niuversity offers its courses in Arabic and thus tears down the wall of missing language proficiency.
  3.       Guidance: While all necessary content is available in the net it needs mature learners to benefit from it. Self-guided learning is very much contrary to the learning tradition in the Arab world so that Arab learners expect to be guided by the instructor to stay with the course.
    Niuversity teaches its courses online live! In the virtual classroom learners can ask, discuss, give feedback. While moocs-like courses are unguided, Niuversity courses are guided in the virtual classroom.

Empowering Women

Niuversity works to ...................................









Our Management Team

Dr. Fadi Alshalabi, Founder and CEO.


Holds a PhD in Economics and Social Sciences from Kassel university, Germany, specializing in the management of higher education and a Master degree in teaching English for the speakers of other languages from Edinburgh University in the UK.

Dr. Alshalabi was a visiting researcher at the Technical University of Berlin between 2014 and 2016. He worked as the Director of the International and Cultural Relations of Damascus University, a teacher at the University, and as the academic director of the Syrian Computer Society, and the director of many international educational projects. He played a crucial role in Damascus University’s endeavours to open up to the German Higher Education system. His vision is a borderless and global educated society. Fadi strongly believes that education is he main tool for development. Linked in profile


On this path, he met



Dr. Jürgen Werner, Co-founder and COO

A highly experienced and enthusiastic educator and education manager.Holds a PhD in comparative linguistics and Semitic Languages from Munich University (LMU). He worked in international Higher Education Management in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Ethiopia and Oman. His last position was Deputy Rector for Academic Affairs at the German University of Technology in Oman. Jürgen believes that education is the key for personal and social development towards a global society. Linked in Profile